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Recognizing that most injured parties would prefer to avoid the costs and time delays associated with litigating their claims; our office aggressively works to ensure that our clients receive the full compensation they are entitled to without the need for litigation. However, in those cases when a fair out-of-court settlement is not possible, and litigation becomes necessary, we first try using the alternative dispute resolution methods of mediation or arbitration. Alternative dispute resolution aims to obtain a fair outcome without the expense and delay of a trial. At Pollock Law Office, Inc. we realize there are times to use the civil court system to fight for justice, and there are times to pursue a quicker, less costly alternative method to resolve your claim. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can facilitate settlements through mediation and arbitration in a fraction of the time a trial would take.

• Focused — We work with you to establish clear objectives for your settlement based on the totality of your losses, including future expenses. We never waiver from our commitment to maximize the amount you can recover for the harm you've suffered.

• Passionate — We recognize the physical and economic hardships associated with accident-related injuries, and are passionate about obtaining monetary compensation to help ease these hardships for our clients through the most expedient forum possible.

• Welcoming and Personable — We're a family of lawyers under one practice, and we make our clients feel comfortable and confident in our hands. What's the difference between arbitration and mediation?

Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution which is similar to a trial, where the opposing parties present their cases to either a panel of arbitrators or a neutral arbitrator who can render an award. However, arbitration is a less formal procedure than a courtroom trial and is a less expensive and less time consuming forum. The arbitration can be binding or nonbinding. In binding arbitration both parties agree to abide by the final decision of the arbitrator and there is no appeal. In nonbinding arbitration either party may reject the decision of the arbitrators and then either move forward to a binding arbitration or a trial.

From our office in Warwick, Rhode Island our injury attorneys often use arbitration in auto accident and slip and fall cases to decide both the liability for a claimant's injuries and the amount of their damages. In Rhode Island, auto accident claims for less than $25,000 are entitled to statutory non-binding arbitration.

Mediation is a less adversarial form of dispute resolution. Both sides present their case to a mediator, who reviews the merits of each argument and attempts to move the parties toward a reasonable settlement. The mediator does not decide issues or make binding decisions but works separately with each party to facilitate a resolution acceptable to all parties.

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The injury attorneys at Pollock Law Office, Inc. facilitate expedient and equitable settlements of personal injury claims through the processes of mediation and arbitration. If you've been injured in Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick, East Greenwich or anywhere else in Rhode Island, call us today at 401-203-7989 or contact our Warwick, Rhode Island office online to schedule a free consultation.