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Finding personal injury representation in Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick & East Greenwich, Rhode Island

The short answer to this question is: as soon as practical after you know you're hurt. It's possible your injuries are minor. Perhaps your insurance or the other party's will cover your damages. But at the moment an accident happens, and in the immediate aftermath, you cannot know:

• The extent of your injuries
• Whether it's clear who was at fault
• Whether either party's insurance coverage fully applies

For these reasons, you can anticipate that legal action may be necessary for you to obtain full compensation. And you must take steps to preserve the evidence that will help you present your personal injury claim. That evidence includes:

• Witness testimony that must be recorded before memories fade
• Vehicle damage that must be examined before they are scrapped
• Road damage and debris fields that must be photographed for purposes of accident reconstruction
• Hazardous conditions that must be photographed before a responsible party makes them safe again
• Pertinent documents that must be reviewed while the recorder's memory is fresh and copied before they can be altered

While you are incapacitated, you want to make sure a qualified personal injury lawyer is assembling the physical and testimonial evidence you need to prevail.

It costs nothing to get a Rhode Island personal injury attorney on the case immediately

Whether you're searching for a motorcycle accident or automobile accident attorney, or if you want a lawyer who handles medical malpractice or slip and fall cases or perhaps you have simply been bitten by a neighbors dog , you don't have to pay any attorney fees up front to get your case going. We take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so rather than charge you an hourly rate for as long as the case takes, we will take a percentage of your recovery, but only if we are successful in winning compensation. If we fail to obtain a verdict or settlement, you owe nothing.

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Since there's no charge to consult with an accident attorney, you can shop around to find someone you feel comfortable with and who inspires your confidence. When you visit the Pollock Law Office, Inc. (or if your injuries prevent you visiting, we'll come to you), you'll find personal injury attorneys who are:

Focused — Personal injury law is our entire practice. We've dedicated our careers to recovering compensation for our injured clients.
Passionate — A devastating injury could happen to anyone at any time. We fight for you as if you were a member of our own family suffering.
Welcoming and Personable — Our family of lawyers is eager to serve you and your family.

Contact our Rhode Island personal injury law firm to discuss your case. You can trust the Pollock Law Office to serve you in a professional and personal manner. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at 401-884-4300 or contact our Warwick, Rhode Island office online.