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Wrongful death is the legal term for a fatal accident or other accidental death, caused by another person's negligent, careless, reckless or deliberate act. It is the worst type of injury case an attorney can manage, one that requires the utmost care, because the loss is so great and the stakes are so high. At the Pollock Law Office, Inc. our attorneys are up to the challenge. We have the legal knowledge and experience to litigate complex cases, while remaining:

• Focused — We are exclusively a personal injury law firm. While wrongful death is different because it entails a fatal injury, the elements an attorney must prove remain the same.

• Passionate — As a close-knit family of lawyers, we can only imagine how devastated we would be to suffer a similar loss. When we take a wrongful death case, we take it personally.

• Welcoming and Personable — We know it's hard to even discuss your situation with an attorney, so we do everything we can to provide a warm and comforting environment.

Close personal counsel throughout the legal process
At the Pollock Law Office, we realize that wrongful death claims involve tender emotions that need to be respected. That's why we make every effort to treat you with courtesy and sensitivity. This includes our commitment to have the same attorney manage your case from the initial interview to completion. This continuity of care ensures that details of our case don't get lost, and that you're not called upon to relive your experiences in order to bring another lawyer up to speed. Throughout the legal process, you have direct access to your attorney, who communicates with you frequently and apprises you when there are any significant developments.

Arriving at fair compensation in Rhode Island wrongful death cases
While the loss of a loved one cannot be measured in dollars and cents, money is the only form of compensation available. Many factors are considered in arriving at an appropriate amount, including:

• The income of the deceased and the number of working years remaining in a normal lifespan
• Non-monetary contributions to the household (especially for stay-at-home parents)
• Medical bills leading to death
• Funeral expenses
• Loss of consortium
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of future earnings and benefits

We realize our services can never fill the hole in your life caused by your loved one's departure, however, we can help ensure a measure of financial stability for your family during your time of grief and into the future.

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